How to Convert Your Old Phone To a Security Camera ?

Do you have a problem deciding what to do with that old phone in your drawer? You are not by yourself. New phones are released throughout the year, with all of the flashy marketing campaigns entice us to upgrade. While some alphas are unaffected by marketing, others simply go out and get new phones.

So, when you’ve purchased a new phone, what do you do with your old one? Is it possible to sell it? Of course, you’ll try to sell it, but the value of an old phone can occasionally plummet to the point where it’s no longer worth the effort. So, what are your plans? You can’t transform your old phone into a security camera or anything. Can you do it? Yes, you can; keep reading to learn how.

How can you convert an old phone into a security camera?

You’ll save a lot of money by converting your old phone into a security camera. With a solid, if not amazing, camera and a battery that can last up to 5-6 hours with continuous use, it’s only natural to put all that impressive hardware to good use. It’s quite simple to convert your old phone into a security camera; it’s a fun DIY that can be completed in three simple stages; let me show you how!

1. On the old smartphone, download a security camera app.

To begin, you’ll need to download and install a security camera app on your old phone. You can view the video stream on your new phone using security camera apps. When a human is discovered, these apps will notify you.

How to Convert Your Old Phone To a Security Camera

There are numerous security camera apps on the market. AtHome, Alfredcamera, WardenCam, and IP webcam are some of the most popular. We’ll be utilising the AtHome security camera app for demonstration reasons. This programme is straightforward to use and set up. Night vision, intercom, cloud storage, remote monitoring, and other functions are included. AtHome may be loaded on any device, including iPhones, Android phones, Smart TVs, and computers.

To begin:

  1. On your previous device, download the AtHome Video camera app. This programme will allow you to use your old mobile as a security camera. After you first run the AtHome app, a unique Connection ID will be provided to the device, which you will need to enter into the device you want to use as a monitor.
  2. Then, on a different device, download and install the AtHome viewer app. This device, which can be an iPhone, Android phone, or laptop, will serve as the monitor. On your new device, download the AtHome viewer app and log in.
  3. To stream the video output of your old phone, choose “Add by CID” or “By QR Code.”
  4. After successfully logging onto both devices, the video output from your old equipment will appear on the monitor device. I tested it on one of my older phones and it worked perfectly. Take a look at the photographs below.

2. Select an appropriate position for the phone security camera.

Now that you’ve converted your phone into a security camera, you’ll need to select a suitable location for it. You must locate a location where the phone camera can cover the most area. You might put it in your living room or any other room where you spend the most of your time. You might also put it where you keep your expensive items.

A single phone camera can only cover a small portion of your home; however, you can utilise many phones to increase coverage. To improve monitoring, install the AtHome app on your PC. You’ll also need to secure your old phone in place, which you can do with a small tripod or a suction mount.

3. Connect it to the power source.

You’ll need to keep your phone hooked in to a charger because it won’t last long if it’s constantly streaming videos. It is preferable if you keep your phone plugged in and close to a power source. That way, you can watch videos on your phone without interruption. If you can’t get close to a power source, you can also get some lengthy USB cords.

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And that’s it! You’ve succeeded in converting your old phone into a security camera. Of course, this isn’t a permanent solution, but it allows you to get the most out of your phone’s hardware. If this seems like too much work, consider the Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360, which is both practical and reasonable.

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