How to Unfreeze (FIX) a Frozen Smart Phone ? 11 Ways Explained

Frozen mobile phones are one of the most inconvenient aspects of modern technology. Frozen phones prevent you from utilising them and fully cut off your access to them. Every phone, regardless of its quality, can freeze and become unusable due to both technical and software issues. The freezing problem that every user has encountered has numerous remedies.

There are a number of ways to solve the problem of a mobile phone freezing, which is one of the most frustrating issues that Android and iOS users face. The severity of each case of freezing varies greatly. If it’s only freezing at low levels, it’ll be easy to fix, but if it’s a major issue, it won’t be. You can reclaim your phone by using one of the ways discussed in this article.

Take Extra Care With Frozen SmartPhones

If you don’t want your phone to get entirely frozen, you can take a few precautions at the start to keep it from freezing. These procedures will keep your device from freezing and keep it fresh.

How to Unfreeze (FIX) a Frozen Smart Phone ? 11 Ways Explained

There are various reasons why your phone is frozen. These reasons appear on your phone over time, and you can take steps to avoid them before they happen. It is rational to act ahead of time to resolve the frozen mobile phone issue. “Storage full” is the most common reason of phone freezes. Alternatively, the phone, which uses a lot of computing power, may begin to freeze and contract with time. It could also be related to software or bug issues.

1. Do the updates first.

Updates are critical regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. The “bug fix” update, which is included in the updates, can be used to solve the problem of a frozen mobile phone caused by a bug. At the same time, due to interrupted support for older operating systems and poor optimization, you must update. Otherwise, your phone may become unresponsive.

2. Make storage space available.

The device’s performance is significantly slowed by the full storage. Hang-ups, optimization issues, and poor performance occur as a result of the storage capacity being filled. You can take safeguards by cleaning up your phone’s storage space and using less storage space.

3. Use your phone’s power sparingly.

Your phone has a limited amount of power and may not be capable of performing all tasks. As a result, you should not fully utilise your phone’s processing and RAM capabilities. Otherwise, you’ll almost certainly have freezing issues. Do not attempt to play games or conduct operations that your device is incapable of handling.

4. Here Are the Most Effective Methods for Fixing a Frozen Mobile Phone

If your device continues to freeze despite your measures, you should attempt the following options. Your device will most likely be frozen while you try these options. As a result, our solution methods are quite limited, but the compiled methods are very effective. You can now fix your frozen phone and use it normally again.

5. First, reboot

Restarting your device clears all of your device’s processes and restores it to its original state. As a result, you can fix a bug or a frozen mobile phone problem. When you press and hold the volume down button on most Xiaomi and Android smartphones, they will restart; on iOS devices, hold the power button, press and hold the volume up button, and then press and hold the volume down button.

6. Only Android users can use ADB to force a reboot.

If your device’s “USB Debugging” mode is enabled, you can install ADB on your computer and use a few instructions to restart it. Install Minimal ADB on your computer by clicking here, then unzip and save the ZIP file to your desktop. Connect your device to your computer via USB and launch ADB. Also, write the following code:

adb system restart

7. Delete any dangerous apps.

Some programmes, particularly those downloaded from unknown sources, can put your device at risk. It will process on your device if it is operating in the background and you are not aware of it, and it is highly harmful, whether your data is stolen or your phone performance is harmed. The best action you can take is to remove these applications, which are one of the most common causes of frozen mobile phones. You must reset your phone after eliminating these dangerous and hazardous applications.

8. Factory Reset and Debloat

You may eliminate unneeded and unused system apps by debloating your device. To achieve this, enable on the “USB debugging” option if your device is frozen. If you’re not sure how to debloat your Xiaomi phone, click here to read “How to debloat your Xiaomi phone with ADB.” Similarly, resetting your smartphone to factory settings will immediately resolve the freezing issue. If you debloat it after restoring factory settings, your device’s performance will greatly improve, and you’ll be able to cure the frozen mobile phone problem. It is not feasible to debloat on iOS, however you may access and reset iPhone settings through iTunes.

9. Users using custom roms should contact the developer.

There could be an issue in the custom rom you’re using if you’re a custom rom user. Make sure you have the latest updates if you’re using an official custom rom. However, if all of the updates have been applied or if your rom is unofficial, you should contact the rom’s creator and report the problem. If they have a solution, they will give it to you; if not, you may have to switch to another custom rom or go back to stock.

10. Contact Technical Service as a last resort.

If none of the above alternatives have worked, the issue is entirely a factory issue. Because no equipment may become frozen if it is manufactured properly. If the problem with your frozen phone persists despite all of the methods above, you may need to send it in for warranty servicing. If no guarantee exists, you can contact any technical service and, if the issue is hardware-related, you can discover a remedy. Guaranteed technical assistance will resolve your issue in a timely and effective manner.

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11. If your phone is frozen, contact Technical Support.

All of these actions will prevent your phone from freezing and will resolve the frozen mobile phone problem. If the approaches you’ve used up until this point haven’t been enough to remedy the problem, the most logical solution is to use the warranty’s technical services. These professional services will not only solve your problem fast, but they will also keep your equipment warranty intact. However, there are other options that are equally effective and do not require any work.

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